My ALABA MARKET Experience

Alaba Market Lagos
Alaba market is one of the popular market in Lagos Nigeria, popular for it sales of spare part, musical equipment and ultimately film piracy, it is no doubt that indeed it is the seat of pirates. where you can buy bunch of films from a Igbo boy for just 500naira when an original film compact Disk(CD) is sold for #1500naira
This market is dominated by the igbos the Easterners , they are known for business and production of fake product, there are common terms attributed to them like, ibo made, Aba made, China made all these are being sold by them though there are some other tribe but not as much as the Igbos, everything fake is attributed to them.
Entering into Alaba is like entering into a cob web, immediately we got into the market with our Toyota bus different set of people came to approach showing us where to park. at first we thought it was a favour not until one of them said “una no go drop something” meaning that we should pay for his service of park space generation people make money by helping you find a park space lol.
the first shop we branched was an electrical shop were they sell electrical appliances such as light bulbs wall socket, surge etc we priced a 26watts bulb for 220/1 and we are to buy ten we agreed to buy it. and we told them to test it one after the other in the long run of ten bulbs only 4 worked 5 didn’t work, and a park was empty wow! so i exclaimed. we had to leave the scene immediately but we didn’t leave we also collected our money.
alaba international markrket

Now inside the market were inexperienced claimed to be experienced. it was in Alaba i see a person selling light bulb and doesn’t know the watts of the bulb he is selling, This market is a combination of the good and bad, it there you will be advised to buy a used product instead of the new one because it will last than the fake called new.

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Before we set for Alaba i was told there is nothing i wont find there.  this made me took my Avatar E1 Mobile Watch along to see if i can get the battery, but to my surprise the phone engineers phone accessories sellers don’t even know what a mobile wrist watch is, talk less of even having the battery.
Alaba is not that bad i enjoyed the food that are sold there, i ate jollof rice, and garnished it with salad and chicken even if i don’t know weather they are fake or genuine, because the salad and the chicken doesn’t taste real perhaps the taste wasn’t here, but it was delicious that i even bit my tongue.
At the end of my survey in Alaba international market i was able to buy a 12 channel mixer 2 JBL 2500 Speakers, A Yamaha drum set and one acoustic guitar  but one thing am still not certain of is the genuineness of what i bought.
If you are an Igbo please don’t take it personal. lol.

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