Driving force are attributes put to achieve a team or individual goal. 
In life every-man and woman of success  has something that keeps them moving on and makes them different from every other person out there . Different people with different challenges and solutions.

if you are a man and you don’t have  something you are pursuing, definitely you should have something pursuing you. These time and age people don’t want to work but wants to be rich and famous with their names on Forbes Magazine forgetting that, there are principles attached to being wealthy. these principles are what we call driving forces.  So many are driven by vague visions and mission not knowing that they have something inside them that will skyrocket them to their destination , the question now is, what did you have, that would keep you Moving and How determined are you to achieve and actualize it?. Even the Bible says “a man gift shall make way for him “. Be moved by something !.

Your time should also be a driving force to win in life, this is so essential that when you miss a bit of it, it can never be replaced, time governs the affairs of your life, every prosperous person doesn’t joke with time not even a seconds.

Relationship also compels you to being rich, a good relationship always have a good motive that helps the parties involved monitor their success
Don’t go into relationship without a positive motive in order not to kill your career.
your relationship with people matters well that it determines how far you go in life.

Presentation, how did you present yourself to the society and as what did you present yourself, are you humble or proud?  An adage says “the way you dress is the way you will beaddress” meaning that your appearance also counts in your race to achieving that goal, your manner of speech and approach also mean a lot.


the human brain

how you think of yourself and others, and your perspective of things. Your mentality would determine your manner of relating with issues, “as a man thinks in his heart so is he ” , you are a product of what you think
Self esteem:https://www.pass.ng/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/self_esteem.jpg
always summon courage at every point in time of your life to face any kind of situation be it big or small tackle it and you will surely conquer it, perhaps it’s your boss at work, crowd, a girl or boy you love, parent or business partner, be free to share your feelings with them, it’s either a yes or no, you will never be penalize for that, build courage to face your challenges, cast out fear and never make it your portion
Note:. Be polite in doing so!


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