Monday morning breakfast; Can everybody be rich.

Hello, good morning, Can everyone be rich?

Everyday and night man strive to survive pursuing the realistic and unrealistic, some people have been chasing shadows for years, revolving round the same place over and over again. So many are so comfortable with the level they are that they don’t even know if there’s a higher level, all because they are able to eat, wear designers etc they are so satisfied, Not until a man is dissatisfied with is present state no progress will be made. A man who is contended is a stagnant man.

Yes everyone is rich but not everyone is wealthy, why? Every is rich as long as there is money at hand, wealthiness is a mentality, while poverty is a mentality. What do you think, how do think, who do you roll with, where do you exhibit your brand, what did you see yourself as? All these requires a deep down thinking and writing. Every wealthy man are known for one thing not for everything,  they are articulate and specific, they don’t dwell on problem, instead look for the solution, in life when we direct our hearts towards challenges we tend not to grow because we’ve given them much attention

Build a strong desire for change, development, progress, growth, increase and potentials, believe all things are workable and nothing is impossible.


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