Patience and strategic planning saves energy for a final attack.
Planning Which is also called “forethought” is an act of thinking, organizing how to actualize a future goal, it has a specific process and very important for many occupation (management, consultant, and many more in every of these fields there is a particular way of achieving efficiency and effectiveness. planing is a project and time management techniques, it is the seer of the future, that is tells what the future should look like, it depicts the future in a picture.  It is also a map of a task used in measuring progress, it gives assurance of being in the right spot.
To make plans you need strategy, Which is the mobilization of resources and determining actions to execute and achieve a goal, the no one

#1 Patience(forbearance):

Patience which means endurance under difficult tedious situation or circumstance can be so hard to have as an attribute because it is a virtue that develops little by little  “the patience dog eats the fattest bone”. It makes you wait for the best. I will also say it’s an act of not giving up even in the face of difficulty and distraction. For a predator to get a prey he first of all study the movement, weight, height, length of the prey before going ahead to kill it for food, so he would not at the end be a prey to the prey.

#2 Studying:

this is an approach attached to learning, it is also an act of acquiring knowledge to attain a goal, get good grades in school, for promotion at work etc studying is essential to strategic planning, it makes you understand the purpose of your plannings.


This is your state of mind, it can be acquired through learning, but can be developed through talking to group of people. It is Confidence that will exhibit your plans to the world, it is the virtue that would put into work. That means you should erase every mentality of impossibility and create that of “I CAN”.

These characteristics merged together bringsforth the ability to conquer any challenges no matter how mighty it might look like,  patience is very hard like I stated earlier but for everyone who used it tends to rejoice at the end. Planning has hurdles, patience keeps you moving, gives you a reason to keep on, motivates your spirit.
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