Belly fat and abdominal fats especially  visceral fat are dangerous symptoms of unhealthiness and lack of good living, which if take long time in the body system causes Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, dementia, high blood pressure etc. Part of the cause of belly fat is too much of body weight inwhich makes the body store up unnecessary fats, that when the fat becomes to much it moves into the organs of the body such as the heart, breast, lungs etc.

The possible cause of belly bulge,
abdominal fats most especially the visceral fat, poor dieting perhaps you’ve tried it and its doesn’t work for you then the challenge could be genetical, age or hormones.
As one gets older the body transforms the way it adds and looses weights. Both in men and in women. Most Women tends to have a belly fats after Menopause because of the gradual reduction of testosterone and oestrogen. Read through the following to check for the reason your belly bulge is not reducing.

1. You consume lots of processed belly timber(food) such as crackers, chips, pizzas, all desserts, refined sugar etc all these expand the body into an awkward state Natural foods such as vegetables, fruits and whites grain has antioxidant that serve as resistance to belly fats are adviced to be taken.

2. ordinary Daily workout will not do it.  Early morning work out is good when combined with muscle exercise and cardiovascular training which will do more in burning the calories and abdominal fats in the body. You are adviced to register with a gym house for consistency and effective turnaround.

3.You’ve been taking lots of meats in which causes increase of visceral fats in your belly. It is benefitable to take avocados, olive oil, fatty fishes(salmon fish) for their anti inflammatory effects in the body, For if taken in the proper and normal proportion benefits the body.

4. You should a have balanced work out scheme in which will propel your course too loose belly bulge. E.g 6am for abdominal. In a nutshell stick to timing.

5. Not having enough sleep augments the risk of obesity analysis shows that Most women who sleep less than six hour develops more fats. According to the scientist, it wise and good when we sleep for at least 7hours a day.

6. Over secretion of testosterone increase high level of fat in the body and causes obesity in which disfigures the shape of the body.

7. Commitment, and believe it would work out for this is the driving force towards overcoming any form of challenge be it belly fat, financial barreness etc for the Bible confirms it that your faith shall make you free.

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