Standing Strong In What You Believe.



At times in life when you go through hard times and you expect help from people around you like friends, family, pastor, team members or probably lover and no one is able to help you. You are So broke financially and unable to meet that very need.

That yourself and family are only trying to survive, at that point  you become so confused that what you want to do with your beautiful ideas and gifs become something  you’re no longer sure you can achieve because even the family that were supposed to show concern are distracted by the situation. They only think, pray and keep looking up to heaven to GOD to send a helper to change the situation.

      In times like that it become really difficult to smile, laugh, feel real happiness from the bottom of your heart. You ‘re now scared of talking boldly in public  because you feel if you argue or talk too much people might just look down on you because you’re not wearing the latest perfume, designer bag, shoes, clothes, and even hairdo. Since it’s even difficult for you to help your situation, so turning deaf ears to other people that need your help is not even seen as a bad thing. You can’t even open your mouth to talk about the SAVIOUR JESUS and his message of salvation, wealth, health, healing, prosperity, excellence, glory, grace and above all his love.
           Those are the best times to laugh even though it is hard, it is the best time to iron your clothes, wear them, put on a shoe, and head out to church service or a lively social gathering to build yourself up, dance the like you would never get to dance again and give like never before. And knowing and standing your ground in Christ. He is the first and the last. The author and finisher of all faith, the master planner and master builder, the beginning and the end,  way maker, and the one that never fails.  When you keep all this and do His will, then you just know in your spirit that you definitely would TESTIFY!!!……….


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