The Indispensability of change in mans existence.



    We’ve been talking about “change” mind you this is not a political party slogan that is said with the mouth but hard to establish.

One constant thing in this life is change, in this life where there is season and time for almost everything; I.e. time to be born, time to grow, even time for stages of growth, time for marriage, time for fun, time to work, time to sow, time to reap and even to die and so more…
      Since animals too can experience this, it’s no longer a surprise that humans too change. One more thing about this is that humans are not even sure they can predict their own next actions or thoughts. So I guess to live this life one must at least have faith and try to start believing in oneself. Remember an adage that says ‘’you can’t give what you don’t have’’. So I guess it now so simple to understand that before you can see the good in others you must learn to see it in yourself first. If you can’t trust yourself it would be difficult to trust others.
    Now, people tend to change as the technology and the economic situation of the world changes, that a 5year old child hardly trust his/her own parent.
Every one want to live a life of comfort, everyone wants to wear the latest trend of shoes, bags, perfume, make-up, clothes, and even the latest car brand. Everyone wants to live in comfort and luxury. And for those who can’t live that way, they would want to do all it takes to get to that position. It is only a few that doesn’t really care about all this and are not in haste to get them.

      In fact, in life the people you care most for, can sacrifice everything for, and do anything to make them happy and comfortable are the ones that disappoint the most. In a position where you need them they can hardly do anything for you because they believe you would a solution since you always get their problems solved.
      My lesson after experiencing what the change in technology and economic can cause, have decided to believe in myself and see myself has truly that problem solver that my friends and love ones see me as and also know that, it is normal for people to change in life, learn to accept it and not hold grudge


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