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Sure it is glaring that the country Nigeria is in bizarre, and state of economic crisis, that’s also looking like farming, Today being a democracy day triggered Ty Bello, Singer and photographer to come up with a short article and photograph of the head of this nation, read and give your take

“I wrote a song recently titled ‘it is well’..when I took a second listen ,I did so almost tongue – in – cheek thinking ..people are not going to connect with this one right this minute TY …IT IS WELL ke?

When I started joining @feladurotoye and countless others to pray for nigeria four times a day ..something began to shift in my heart..each time we joined him to pray out the national anthem and the pledge I progressively felt a sense of ownership. ..I was praying for my country ..MINE!When I was trying to figure out what photograph to put up today ….I decided on this close up portrait I made of President Buhari looking ahead with a smile in his eyes.It occurred to me that I had written my name in red at the bottom left of the image .An artist’s signature etched into his work says ..This is mine ..This is the feeling I get when I tune into Fela’s periscope…this sense of ownership has given the song I wrote new meaning to me .. That HOPE isn’t false but its the seed that needs to be planted even when the climate seems totally against us. So…. happy democracy day Nigeria … and I dare say it is well…at least soon enough … As we sign our names at the bottom of our flags …and own this thing !#tybellophotography #nigeria #buhari # democracy#hope #mynigeria”  she posted this on her Instagram page. 


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