Christiano Ronaldo confirmed real Madrid faith as he scored the last penalty that secured real Madrid a win over the die hard athletico Madrid. 

The match was a superfluous one in which threw the whole fans in suspense and caused some to cry, even though some where actually crying because they lose bet.  Athletico Madrid who is coming second again for the second time against same opponent felt very disappointed after the great penalty chance Grezmann lost in the game which would have secured them hope of winning 2-1.

Are we going to say luck wasn’t on Athletico’s Side?  Or probably it’s not their time. 
Real Madrid being the most successful club in the history of Champions League having 11 titles to their credit including this present one, while athletico Madrid are the only team in the history of Champions League to loose back to back  in the final, followed by Valencia. 
For christiano Ronaldo though didn’t played to expectation but never lose his penalty unlike Grezmann who have been performing from the onset of the match, but later jeopardised the hope of his team. Good job by Diego Simeon, he really exhibited quality of a good coach that even when his player lost a chance that can secure him a victory, he never scold him instead encouraged and charged him to do better.  Zinedine Zidane, who set record of being the 5th player turn coach to win champions League following the footsteps of guardiolla, Rijkaard, etc… Congratulations to Real Madrid 


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