The Much Anticipated TV series Lasgidi Cops Set To be premiered 4th Of June-read the series review alongside

Lasgidicops special crimes unit 

It would bode well to begin this by inquiring as to whether you are prepared. It is safe to say that you are prepared? Yes? No? Perhaps? Indeed, regardless of whether you are, it’s here.

A Nigerian crime drama series has been shot and had its first squeeze screening on the 29th of September 2015. The Series which was directed by Ola Selhurst with Yemisi Wada as the Executive Producer and Creator of the show. Is set to be viewed live on your TV screens on Africa Magic Showcase Starting from 4th of June. So guys don’t get it twisted but get ready for its a blockbuster. 

Read the movie review by Edwin Ikenna Madu 

The ritzy cast of Lasgidi Cops: Special Crimes Unit is certain to wind up a lasting apparatus in Nigerian homes and if for only for the sheer interest of having a Nigerian settings about crimes solving.
Begin by saying that the Series is set in Lagos is presumably the best. A great deal of things bode well along these lines. Without putting that, it wouldn’t bode well on the off chance that I let you know that the police office had a login with data of all officers, labeled bodies when found furthermore utilized ipads and camera-prepared toy autos in strikes. Obviously, I effectively stable insane. So when you do observe simply continue thing ‘This is what’s to come’. Be that as it may, the future still holds a few things like “boli” by one means or another we didn’t figure out how to delete the roadside barbecued plantains and their sellers.
In the most crowded city in Nigeria, organized crime has turned into a hazard that must be halted. The police have tried all they could but all to no avail and it has gotten to be essential for a special unit to be formed. This unit which is headed by Yinka Fadeyi (Bimbo Akintola) a young woman who is resolved to clear the city of all sorts of crimes. The Police Commissioner, Amina Halliru (Joke Silva) and the Deputy Commisioner, Dr. Francis Nwachukwu (Femi Branch) are not fully in support of of the special crime unit and this is much seen early in the series.
The group is led by the intense, straight-forward Timi Akerele (Wole Ojo) who is the average simple pioneer we have generally expected from crime unit. Efosa Osewedo (Kelechi Udegbe) is the occasionally awkward loquacious in the Team whose abilities in acquiring data are unparalleled on the force. Amaka (Adesua Etomi) is ‘The Chameleon’, the pro in undercover cases. The last individual from the group is the wonder Hakeem Alli (Olumide Oworu) who is fundamentally the go-to guy for hacking or anything remotely scientific.
Another critical individual from the cast is the investigative columnist Asake Jones (Kehinde Bankole) whose adoration for reality and great reporting gets her in a bad position with the individuals from the special crime unit. Mr Clarke (Keppy Ekpeyong-Bassey) is the legal advisor for the alarming cartel that is making arrangements to possess Lagos.
With all things there are two sides. Being an immense jump in unfamiliar waters, it is just not out of the ordinary that Lasgidi Cops: Special Crimes Unit accompanies what’s coming to its of things on either side. As awful news is normally best served in the first place, I will do only that:
Cons: These might hurt
I Read Your File
In spite of the endeavors of the producer to call attention that this is ‘not some CSI stuff’. It was very clear that it was truth be told, possibly not by any stretch of the imagination, yet a bit ‘CSI-y’. There is the thing that I call the ‘I read your record’ line. The brief snippet of verbal/mental jousting that two detectives engaged in to demonstrate their strength over the other in light of the fact that there is tension. Case: First officer says “You moved on from here and you broke your leg when you were six. I read your record.” The expression on the second officer’s face would be one of gentle surprise and amazing arrogance as he/she too presents what they had recited without forgetting to end with “I read your file.” This situation just shouts cliché and focuses at not all that unobtrusive data dumping.
A Little Too Much
Overreacting resembles a red blood on a white shirt, everybody sees it. On the off chance that there was something to note as ‘close to cringe-worthy’ it would be the periodic scenes where an on-screen character, trying to ‘bring feeling’ to a part, sludges everything up. This happened couple of times.
Give Us More Spunk
Underacting is from numerous points of view is like exaggerating with the exception of for this situation, you risk losing your viewer’s interest. Dreary exhibitions by actors have a tendency to dull even the liveliest activity scenes. Like having Michael Cera be Michael Cera in a shooting scene in Transporter. To put it plainly, couple of scenes where there ought to have been some feeling, there was a stunning absence of it.
Unnatural Dialog?
This part goads me significantly more than the others. I wind up shouting “no one would say or do that” at the screen when a discussion between companions begins to have the vibe of something ‘other-common’. It is critical that the viewer finds a bit of genuine even in an ‘advanced setting’. Activities and talks should feel common to the performers. I say the performers on the grounds that in all actuality, the viewer can simply tell when a discussion fills out of place for a particular actor.
Stars: Now that you’ve had what might as well be called a tooth being hauled out, here’s some chocolate:
Creation/Picture quality
In this classification, a great deal is to be complimented. To start with, airborne shots. Flying shots specked the scenes and I should say, they were stunning. It demonstrated the delightful city in all its shading. The quiet and bedlam of Lagos caught from a superior perspective is entirely invigorating. Picture quality, as I have generally expected from ‘new-age’ arrangement, was very great and I have my fingers firmly crossed that we, as an industry, won’t ‘fall away from the faith’.
Taking after the accomplishment of a couple of Nigerian series and movies, one thing is to be extablished, the Nigerian individuals adoration to giggle. The characterization of an arrangement as a “dramatization” in any case, little hijinks and jokes that bring about anything from broke grins to thundering chuckling, are valued. Lasgidi Cops does this quietly and this is a major in addition to.
Starting Montage and Theme Song,
for the individuals who know, are essentially imperative for any show. Lasgidi Cops has, for the absence of better descriptive words, an imbecile montage. The signature tune, in spite of the fact that the tune escapes me now, I noted as fascinating.
Tender loving care
From research on techy terminologies utilized by Olumide owuru in role, to the meticulous journalism depicted by Kehinde Bankole’s character, we see a repeating confirmation of work put in by the authors in making this ‘modern Lagos’ as “legitimate” as could be expected under the circumstances.
Assaulting Societal Issues
From the nearness of Joke Silva as a female Police Commissioner to a couple of other societal issues handled in the arrangement, Lasgidi Cops, while making a just about “perfect” Lagos, conveys to light a few key issues in the general public, one of which is assault. This methodology taken by the creation group put the arrangement in the correct spot to go over the right message to the viewers and eventually change the general public.
If I somehow managed to offer nothing to Lasgidi Cops, I would need to give it props for the smart utilization of suspense which is normal from a crime series.
It would be cliché to say that the rundown goes on, yet it is difficult to dive into points of interest of the considerable number of advantages and disadvantages. Be that as it may, one thing is certain, Lasgidi Cops: Special Crimes Unit is something to be kept an eye out for.
Get prepared for an experience, see Lagos like you’ve not seen it. Without a doubt, it may appear to be identical, yet a few things change. We anticipate the dispatch of the arrangement yet until then, would you say you are prepared?


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