Pope ask Roman Catholics to apologize to homosexuals

Pope Francis 
Pope Francis has ordered the Roman Catholic church to apologize to gays for the way in which they are being dealt with, saying they merit regard as well. 
The Pontiff said the congregation had no right to judge gays or l*sbians and ought not be discriminated. 

Pope who addressed journalist on his plane on his way to Armenia, additionally required the congregation to seek forgiveness for people it had underestimated, including the women, poor, and the children given to forced work. 
The BBC reports that Pope Francis has been applauded by the gay groups for his uplifting mentality towards gay people while some Orthodox Catholics have denounced him for making remarks portrayed as vague about s*xual profound quality. 
He said once more, “I will repeat what the instruction of the Roman Catholic Church says, that they (I.e gay people ) ought not be victimized, that they ought to be regarded, went with respect. 
“I think that the Roman Catholic Church ought to apologize to gays whom it affronted as well as apologize to poor people, women who have been abused, to women who have been given to constrained work. It must advance for having blessed such a variety of weapons. ” 
In 2013, Pope of the Vatican city, reaffirmed the Roman Catholic church’s position that gay person acts were sin yet it’s orientation was definitely not. 
“On the off chance that a man Is gay and looks for God and has goodwill, why should I judge?” Said He. 
In the mean time the Anglican Communion Church of Nigeria and the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) portrayed Pope’s call for expression of remorse as Unfounded. 
The Arch Bishop of Remo, Rt. Rev. Michael Fape, said Pope’s solicitation repudiates the Biblical stand on gay person and asked that the demonstration ought not be clarified further in the pretense of human rights. 
He said further, “homos*xuality is a Biblical issue and it is an evil entity. It is one of the transgressions that God cautions the children of isreal not to pratise. So in the event that anybody is homos*xuality, such a man is conflicting with God’s summon.” 
“Pope as a Roman Catholic has a right to his own opinions. The fact that he is a Pope doesn’t make him God. God is the only one who is without shortcomings or shortcomings on this matter. He is not saying the psyches of the individuals who are universal Christians and that does not make his stand God’s standard. There is no word that one can use to depict it in the appearance of human rights. What’s right is right and vice versa. 
“Whatever is great (as discipline ) for a miscreant, for a burglar, an alchemist, or a killer is useful for a g*y person. They are all in the same platform. God particularly says that a gay person ought to be expelled from the camp of the children of God. 
The discipline for gay person in the Anglican church is that such a man have nothing to do with them by method for fellowship. In the event that they repent, they ought to return to the church and make confession.” 
The head of media and advertising of The Redeem Christian Church of God, Pastor Segun Adegbiji, additionally asked adherents not to take men’s assertion as preeminent than what the word of God says. He said, there ought to be divergence or struggle as per Paul concerning what the ruler says and what men says. 
He Enjoined each Christian to dependably go and be on the master side at all times. 
Source Punch News Paper, 28 June, 2015. 
Page 10.


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