Read GEJ’s speech on Democratic Rule & Economic Development in Nigeria and Africa. Bloombergs Tv London.

The Ex-President of Nigeria accompanied by his former adviser on media Reno Omokri, and Senator Ben Bruce at Bloomberg TV London.  where he went to give speech.

In his speech on the topic: Democratic Rule and Economic development in Nigeria and Africa  he made it known that today 6th of June marks his one year and one week of leaving the office and it has giving him “luxury of time to reflect”.
He recalled one of the statement he made before the last election which says “My political ambition does not worth more than the blood of one Nigerian.” He made known his wish for African continent, “it is my sincerest wish that democracy Continues to be consolidated in the continent of Africa”. He saids for his desire as always been to promote democracy and help cosolidate peace in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

“We’ll work for good governance and promote credible and transparent elections and peaceful power transfer” this was a glaring achievement for the former GCFR of Nigeria apart from corruption.
“The focus of my energies is to uphold democratic principles promote peaceful transitions and support enterpreneurship by providing an e-wallet to farmers which grew the percentage of registered farmers receiving subsidy from 11% to 94%. This initiative improved food security, creating jobs and reducing inflation to its lowest level in 5years.’

Jonathan talked further on the need to fund education for it’s the bedrock of a futuristic Nigeria, this which serve as his advice to the present government. he said ‘Money must go towards providing education for all, because we know that once citizens are educated, they have futures’. GEJ condemned the practise of the executive and legislative arm of government instituting a bill of right, says ‘it’s imperative’.
He disclosed that his government built 12 fed Universities in 12states that doesn’t have and some primary and secondary schools which wasn’t even the responsibility of the federal government. Should we go to school and don’t have job?.
‘Nothing better sums up this vision for Nigeria than our national anthem, which sounds as good in prose as in song’
‘A place where we all work together, rather than allow ourselves to be divided by tribalism or prejudice’-
Here he speaks on the need to stop tribalism and favoritism in all parts of the the country and promote equity among everyone be it rich or poor.
‘A Nigeria whose government invests in its resources above the ground and not just the resources below’
‘A Nigeria whose government serves the people and is not above the law’
‘A Nigeria where you can get the education you want and the future you choose’
‘A Nigeria where you are judged on your merits and not your origins’
‘Indigenes and residents must pay the same amount for school fees and social services all over the country’.
details Curled from @RenoOmokri tweets


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