Psquare at War; Peter Angry With Paul, threatens to Sue him and Jude Okoye over Congo’s Concert.


  • Paul lied Peter was sick 
  • Peter never gave his consent to the contractual terms 
  • Peter Wants Justice over Paul and Jude Okoye’s attitude 

Nigerian popular singing duo, Psquare at war again after a riff that ws publicised around March this year in which the brothers came out and claim it’s a lie in a glo concert.

All of a sudden, a half of the duo Peter Okoye known to be “Mr P” dissociated himself from a concert scheduled to hold in Congo Brazzaville with the group’s name as headline, stressed that he never gave permission for the usage of his name as a contract term presented were not pleasing to him. Peter further threatened to take legal action against his blood brothers , Paul and Jude their eldest. He also countered the claim by Paul that he was sick, that’s a lie and he is %101 strong.

According to the event promoters, they claimed he waited until they commenced their promotion on a bigger scale, before he came up with a repulsive conditions and suddenly pulled out.

Watch the Video and Read what Peter wrote on instagram page.

“Part1: Again, my attention has been drawn to a publication specifically uploaded on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. For the umpteenth time and in order to set the records explicitly straight, I never stated that I was not aware of the show, I simply stated that the contractual obligations were not favorable to me.
In fact I was authoritatively informed by the organizers of the show that the show had been cancelled 4 days ago whilst money paid had been  fully returned.
It was, therefore, surprising to learn that the show was still scheduled to hold on 9th July, 2016 (@ Goma) and 17th August, 2016 (@ Kinshasa- VIP and Live concert) with the false statements being peddled that I was sick and unable to make the flight to Congo with my crew two nights ago to attend the show, in the first instance and my Twin Brother and Co-Owner of the Psquare brand granting a presumed Psquare press conference wherein he stated contradictory facts that I am not present because I missed my flight.
This is gross deception at its peak and no one in his right thinking mind will allow such falsehood to fester.
I must reiterate that I owe my fans and by extension, fans of Psquare the obligation to speak the truth at all times and prevent a situation where the Psquare brand will be built on deception. It is my utmost belief that such a foundation based on falsehood will only create a damning consequence for the brand in the long run.
The issue at stake here is fraudulent misrepresentation of my continued endorsement, participation and use of the Psquare brand without my consent or authority being sought or obtained. The purported Video posted on some blogs wherein it was alleged that I endorsed the show is self explanatory. In the said video, the days slated for the show to hold were 2nd July, 2016 @ Goma and 9th July, 2016 @ Kinshasa, however that video was recorded months ago. The show are slated to hold now on 9th July, 2016 @ Goma and 17th August, 2016 @ Kinshasa- VIP and Lives concert, thus it is easily discernible from the said Video that a new video was required but was not obtained due to inconclusive negotiations between my management and the promoters of the show. Cont’d… ” said Peter. 

He added

@Regrann from @peterpsquare  –  Part2: I was told the show has been cancelled and money returned.

I will not continue to fold my hands when there exists a situation calculated to foster  disunity and lack of good faith  with the brand. 

There are specific questions begging for answers here: 

How come Paul never  advertised this show upon landing in Congo on any of his social media handles as its customary when artistes are scheduled to perform? 

Why did Paul say that I was sick and unable to make the show when in fact, I am hale and hearty? 

Why did Paul grant a Psquare press conference stating that I missed my flight and I will arrive for the show, knowing fully well, I am not aware of the continuance of the show?

All of these actions were calculated to deceive the fans and fraudulently misrepresent the facts all in a bid to make money in a none transparent manner and economically assassinate my character, goodwill and credibility.

It is important to speak out for sake of posterity and of course, all my legal Arsenal will be deployed to ensure this fraudulent and mischievous act is addressed and any further recurrence prevented. 

Please Note that my loyalty will always remain to the brand PSQUARE. 

Thank you.

MR.P (Peter of Psquare)  Cc @airtel_kenya @airtelghana @airtelnigeria @airtel_tanzania @airtel_ga @airtel_ug @airtel_congob

MR.P (Peter of Psquare) #Regrann 


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