Nigerian man drives his invented car from Niger State to 2016 Expo in Abuja. (See photos..)


 Nigerian man drives is invented wooden car to the 2016 Expo in Abuja .

This car was made by a man from Bida in Niger state, Nigeria. He drove it all the way from Niger state to the 2016 Expo held in Abuja. Car body is made from local wood.

Let’s celebrate him… By Ossai Ovie Success on Facebook

I think it’s high time we begin to appreciate tremendous effort made by some Nigerians, who in these age and time aren’t sleeping on their oasis of White man made technologies but trying to invent something of reckoning. This car moved miles which is very rear. Niger to expo center Abuja I. e inter state.

Nigerian youth of these age are mostly into the Entertainment industry and fashion and all sorts off easy way out careers. It is so appauling to the extent that Nigerian girls don’t have any occupation other than Make-up and modelling. If you should ask any beautiful girl on a Lagos street, “what would you like to do other than your educational career” the answer is no other than “MAKE UP ARTIST” It is only few of our youths that sees things differently.

I’m pleading on behalf of the Nigerian Youth to our so called government, to please encourage good innovations and stop embracing the so called mediocrity. For it’s not all that will become doctors and lawyers.

See more pics below :


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