Man Caught Mating With A goat in Ondo State

Bamidele caught in the day having intercourse with goat
A man by the name Afolabi Bamidele was caught having intercourse with a goat in the light of the day in Akoko, Akoko northwest local government,  Ondo state.

The goat that was involved in bestality later died after the s3x romp with Bamidele
According to an eyewitness, he said,  he saw, taking Afolabi taking the neighbors goat into the bush and pulling his trouser to have intercourse, before he was caught by a person defecating in the bush.
He was almost killed by the angry mob in that area, but was rescued through the intervention of the Ondo state police.

He’s now in the police custody for further investigation on what prompt him to engage in such frivolous act.


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