Today in Court: Man Sentenced to 4years imprisonment for Domestic violence. Shed tears as Victim reduces him with emotional court statement of how “he broked her into pieces”.

Scott Hughes, 28, broke into tears as Carol read him the letter she brought 

22years old Coral Hay, told the boyfriend who tied her up, bit her and stamped on her head: “I would never have hurt you in the way you hurt me – you could have killed me”

Domestic violence victim, led her tormentor to shed tears while detailing how she he “broke her into pieces” in a court statement. 
Scott Hughes 28, Corals’ boyfriend who bit, tied, and matched her head, in a jealous rage and falsely accusing her of cheating on him. 
Miss Coral was wounded by Rib through stabbings by Scott. She layed on the hospital bed for Six days receiving treatment and suffered from fractured rib according to the doctor. 
Coral Hay, Domestic Violence Victim 
It was later dicovered by the police that arrested him that he has been convicted for same case with a former partner, this made the matter more tensed. 
The accused person was jailed for 4years after he was found guilty of false imprisonment, common assault and inflicting of bodily harm. 
The Judge Timothy Mort made Scot realised his mistakes were jealousy, lack of self control and insecurity, and lastly that he was exhibiting the traits of a loosed man. 
Carol still loves him, according to the letter read to him court, but what can she do, the judgement has been passed already. 
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