Man Discovers, 32years old graduate son is not His true child

Mr Oscar and Son Valentine on graduation day

A UK based Nigerian man has found that a young man he raised from birth and who is presently 32 years of age is not his biological child, all things considered.

The Nigerian man who lives in the United Kingdom, Mr. Oscar, was compelled to cook up a DNA test to decide the paternity of his presumed child, Valentine, when his wife professedly told their son that Oscar was not prone to be Valentine’s real father.

Valentine had dragged his presumed father, Oscar, to a DNA test focus in England after his mom told him a month back that the man who had brought him up throughout the previous 32 years may not really be his father.

As a gushing father, Oscar had conveyed Valentine to Britain from Nigeria and put him through school.

Valentine and his ‘gathered father’ Oscar at his graduation from college in England.

At the point when the result of the DNA test was perused to him, Oscar howled in desolation as the outcomes said there seemed to be “no single chance” he and Valentine were father and child.

result of the DNA test

Test Resut
the outcome of the deoxyribonucleic acid(dna0 test

Oscar cried in hopelessness as he asked: “He’s not my child?”

frustrated Oscar
An awfully frustrated Oscar lets out shocking moan! 

Valentine was kept in dilemma.


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