FIFA president Gianni Infantino 

There is likelihood FIFA would pull the Under 17 World Cup matches out of New Delhi because of the quality of air in the world most polluted City. said, the Tournament Director.

Javier Ceppi said that air quality in Delhi was a “genuine concern”, especially after the Diwali celebration which this year falls in October — the month the competition will be held.

“The match timetable is not finished yet. One reason for that, is the pollution. What is more, pollution in Delhi is a genuine concern,” the FIFA official told the Indian Express daily, in comments published Wednesday.

“You can’t decrease pollution starting from one day onto the next, to the amount that need to  be reduced for hosting matches,” Ceppi included.

FIFA declared in 2013 that India would be the host country for the U-17 World Cup, which would be held in six States of the nation including New Delhi.

A year ago saw a record pollution levels in Delhi around Diwali, The Hindu festival of lights amid which a huge number of revelers let off fireworks.

The issue is exacerbated by the burning of crop stubble after the harvest in the neighboring agricultural areas at the same time of year.

In 2016, schools in the Indian capital were compelled to close as authorities requested a series of emergency measure to lessen this crisis, which includes permanent ban on construction in the state

A 2014 World Health Organization (W.H.O) analysis of more than 1,600 cities ranked Delhi as the most polluted city in the world.

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