PwC accountants banned from future Oscars after envelope gaffe PwC accountants banned from future Oscars after envelope gaffe

Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz
The two accountant in charge of the wrong film being declared as best picture winner at the Oscars have been banned from going to future functions. 

Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the leader of the Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences, said would not come back to the award. 

The pair, from PwC, should have been dealing with the envelopes that contained points  the winners, yet gave out the wrong one for the biggest award of the night. 

It prompted to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway telling a great number of viewers  that La La Land had won best picture, instead of the real winner Moonlight. 

The producers of Fantasy world then started giving their acknowledgment discourses before authorities could rectify procedures and welcome the cast and group of the low spending film to the phase to gather their honor. 

Ms Boone Isaac said the Academy association with PwC was under survey. 

Preceding the misunderstanding, Mr Cullinan had tweeted a photograph of best on-screen character winner Emma Stone from the backstage territory minutes before the best picture honor was given out. 

Ms Boone Isaac said his distraction is the thing that created the Academy’s most blunder in its 89 year history. 

The Institute has additionally apologized to the Australian motion picture maker it erroneously appeared amid Sunday’s Oscars In Memoriam reel. 

An announcement said the Academy  extends its “most profound expressions of remorse” to Jan Chapman, whose photograph was erroneously utilized as a part of the tribute rather than Chapman’s partner and companion, the late Janet Patterson.


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