Arsene Wenger in his tactics decided to bench his top Striker Alexis Sanchez for Olivier Giroud and Danny welbeck in which many concluded lead to his 3-1 defeat in the Saturday EPL encounter with Liverpool.

It was an embarrasing moment for the gunners as they dropped from the top four, Alexis Sanchez who was responsible for 26goals in 26matches, scoring 17 and 9 assist.

Alexis Sanchez

the manager said it was a tactical decision, After bringing in Sanchez in the 2nd half of the game, making a clear pass to Danny Wellbeck to make the score 2-1.

however Sanchez arrival doesn’t see them to victory, it only gave them a goal.

“I think Alexis Sanchez, and a number of players, are waiting to see what Wenger does. If Wenger stays on, I think we’ll see a large turnover of players coming in and players leaving.“If he leaves then it depends who comes in and replaces him, what his ideas are, and that will determine whether players like Sanchez and (Mesut) Ozil re-sign.” 


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