The National house of Assembly Sitting, FCT., Abuja.

The 2nd chamber of the legislative said they ought to as regard to ongoing Xenophobic Attack on Nigerians going in South Africa, says it’s a duplicated efforts.

the body who warned the South African government , that this should be the last of the Attack on Nigeria or else there would be a fight back in which may affect relationship between the two nations.

Delegation Leader and Leader of the Majority, Gbajabiamila, Addressed the journalist he said

Hon. Gbajabiamila Addressing the House

“This is bicameral legislature, both houses are independent but for the ease of governance and diplomacy, it would have been proper or better to have one house and not two houses. This duplication of labor is absolutely unnecessary for both houses to travel. 
“I believe it was an oversight on the part of the Senate. If you know our history, normally when the Senate has done something, most times even if it comes up on the floor of the House, if you follow our debate, we will say this matter has already been decided by the Senate. 
“I believe in this particular case, the Senate was not aware the House has taken a resolution on this matter.”

Though he was flanked by the chairperson house committee on Foreign Affairs  Nnenna Ukeje and Henry Nwawuba, who classified the  visit as a mere jamboree and waste of nations resources.

Gbajabiamila gave the reason for the visit to South Africa in details according to Vanguard news Reports

“We will endeavor to meet with the South African Parliament to examine the likelihood of both nations enacting hate crime laws. This would cover violations conferred in view of nationality. 
“We mean to connect with the South African Parliament and different authorities in zones of common advantage and how much both nations could lose from xenophobia and conceivable retaliatory activities or separating of diplomatic ties. 
“This delegation will look to fortify the Nigerian/South African Bilateral Commission which just exists on paper until further notice. We would like to meet with Nigerians who dwell in South Africa and guarantee them of government’s intervention.
 “We will progress and ideally get a commitment on the requirement for installment of compensation for the casualties of this last attack. 
“The House trusted that it would be right around an unreliable demonstration or oversight for any parliament or legislative body stood up to with an issue, for example, this not to make proactive strides in tending to the issue.”

He was Question on why the Delegation intervene in far South Africa, while in Nigeria people were killed for expressing their love Donald trump, in Port Harcourt, Nobody make mention of that.

The Movement Pioneer also have something to say in regard to this:

“On the issue of IPOB, and issue of southern Kaduna, charity starts at home. Sharp observation of what happen in the National Assembly will saw that the House has not sat down inactively without taking care of these killings that occur here in Nigeria.


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