Overcoming Addictions

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Anyone who have been a victim of one form of addiction or another, will tell you it’s a terrible experience. it frequently starts from pleasure and ultimately grows into a destructive force that if unchecked will damage its victim.

perhaps top among the factors responsible for the underachievement of many youths is the struggle with addiction in one form or the other.
Drug and s*x addiction especially masturbation seem to be the most common addictions and negative lifestyles among the youth of this generation.
Partially, No thanks to technology and internet, because of the easy access via smartphones, youth now browse porno movies and pictures to arouse themselves  from harmful sites which damages their minds, and take over their over brain .

Due to bad influence and peer pressure, many youngsters are increasingly drawn into a lifestyle of drug abused.

Even medical drugs with codeine are now been abused e.g panadols and tramdor, albukun. These are some of the things happening at this moment, within the youths with many of them ending up in rehab. For as many who are addicted, The immediate question is: “how do I conquer this addiction?”.
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Note: “My dear friends, if you have not started smoking, masturbating or drinking, please don’t start. perhaps you’ve started already and you have not gone deep into it, please you can still stop. But if you’ve gone deep into it, seek a professional help. –

An addicted drug addict for over 10years shared this.

Dealing With Drug Addiction.
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