Badmus Lanre Yusuf,  A Professor of Islamic Studies warned Muslims never to go out of means to kill animal for the Eid el Fitr  popularly known as Ileya.

Professor Badmus made this known during a lecture at the hilal Crescent Mosque, Ilorin Kwara state. Said that Allah as not make it a do or die affair to kill ram for Ileya festival.

However the past Dean of the Postgraduate School,  University of Ilorin never said it’s wrong to kill, but wrong when it is causing inconvenience in one way or the other.

He said an interview with Nigerian Tribune :

slam makes things simple for its adherents. There is no condition attached to what we are doing in our religion. 
Ileya (Eid festival) is around the corner. It is a common knowledge that Muslims are preparing to buy animals for sacrifice during the festival. 
“We have been given prescription on how to go about it. Almighty Allah has not conditioned us to sacrifice animals during the festival if we are not capable of doing it. “What matters most is the intention behind whatever we do. 
There are instances that some people, all in the name of killing animals during the festival, will go as far as obtaining loans through the cooperative or bank. 
This is not acceptable. We should act within our own confines. “We need to make it clear that Allah does not give us a responsibility or a task that we cannot accomplish. 
Therefore, we need to be cognizant of this in whatever we do in life. Read more: 


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