Man Caught Having Intercourse with Neighbors Donkey


49years old Everett Lee Compton of Arkansas was caught on CCTV camera performing sexual act on his neighbors Donkey, says it is an outcome of the weed he smoked.

The Donkey owners Emert and Joyce, who lives near Compton have noticed the same issue around may and June, through the CCTV camera placed in the house of the donkey. The Image seen served as evidence given to the cops who cooked up the arrest of Compton.

Picture showing Compton in the bush with the donkey.

Compton denied the allegation at first claimed he was only feeding the donkeys with carrots but succumbed due to series of images shown to him. He however pleaded not to be charged with bestiality, and promised to work on himself.

In light of all these Compton was charged with criminal trespassing , Bestiality and animal cruelty. His case had been adjourned till the 11th of September 2017


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