Graduands celebrating 

The aggregate number of about 430 Prisoners all over Nigeria was recorded to be seeking after different degree programs at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). 

As a major aspect of the new reorganizations which is being shown by the Federal Government, the detainees were permitted to apply for their course of decision and would be selected into the University to seek after their desired degrees. This was a plan kept running by the Federal Government to help ex-convicts make a life outside the jail and too have authentications.

Mr. Francis Enebore, National Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Prison Services (NPS) made this known to the press in Abuja at a press briefing on the approaching Public Presentation of Survey Reports on the Nigerian Prisons.

Enebore said that the Open University was thoughtful in accepting the detainees to as a citizen of the country, including that good natured Nigerians, religious and corporate bodies had been helping the ex-convicts in accommodating their instructive needs.

The representative included that detainees are currently completely occupied with the generation of sustenance for themselves and the nation in the new homestead settlement plans set up in a few conditions of the organization.

He Said: “In the instruction segment, I am satisfied to declare that 430 of our detainees are running different degree courses at the National Open University of Nigeria.

“In the meantime, 951 others have been sans set by the Nigerian Prison Services because of the intercession of the National Stakeholders which paid different fines forced on them by different courts as conditions for their opportunity”.

“In the agribusiness, enormous upheaval is going ahead with detainees now captivating in full-scale business cultivating.

“Right now, we have our ranch settlement in Kaduna where the Prisoners have created gigantic amounts of beans; in Bauchi where rice had been delivered and Edo where our homestead settlement is associated with the generation of palm oil”.

“The new jail change is gone for making the detainees to deliver sustainable income and grains for their own utilization and additionally the country on the loose”.

“An aggregate of 22 tractors have been obtained for jails by the national government and conveyed as of now. We are sitting tight for conveyance of another set,  before the year runs out”.


  1. This is a very good one, amidst all odds Federal govt is still able to come up with a reasonable initiative… That doesn't mean I'm going to vote this Herdsman called Buhari.


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