The Forum of Non Governmental Organisations in Nigeria (FONGON) has show their support and commitment to support President Mohammed Buhari come 2019.

The group in recent meeting with the press accused former President olusegun Obasanjo as the cause of the problem Nigeria is facing today. 
The forum, made it clear that the elder state man should not impose is will on the people this time, but let democracy be the determinant.
Wole Badmus, The National Coordinator of the Forum insisted that President Buhari was strong, experienced and credible enough to run in the coming election.
“With due respect, whether he has good intention for the country or not, we cannot really say, but, we know that if you want to identify the problems of Nigeria, without fear or favour, 50 per cent can be attributed to the individual called Olusegun Obasanjo,” he said.
Badmus also critised the letter of the former Head of state as being selfish and naive, because it was only speaking for him alone. 
“As for the letter, yes, he raised some valid points which are not as a result of the ineptness of the present administration but Obasanjo will equally realise that it is as a result of inherited baggage, liquidation and liabilities Buhari’s administration inherited from the past government. Everybody knows that the country was at the brink of collapse as at May 2015. So, you cannot put the entire blame on Buhari…in writing his latest letter, did he make a single attempt to see the president? No.
“Somebody just came telling Nigerians yearly that they must take his own dosage to our democratic ailment, it is never done. Democracy is game of numbers, not gain of an individual. With due respect, former president Olusegun Obasanjo cannot be imposing his whims and caprices upon the nation all the time. We see the letter as distractive because, as somebody said, Buhari has not declared for 2019, why are we campaigning for him?
“The question needs to be asked, why is Obasanjo distracting Buhari when he has not declared in actual fact? Why are people telling Buhari not to contest when he has not declared that he is running? This is mark of double standards. You are castigating somebody and arm-twisting him. You are saying he should not run because you don’t believe in him but we believe in him, so, we are saying he should run. The simple answer is to subject everything to democratic scrutiny,” he said.
Source: todayng 


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