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A rich guy writes on an online platform ‘the reason why many young rich guys always wants to remain single, even with all the cash’ He writes. 

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The Narrative, talks about a poor young guy, who met a lady at his very humble beginning, but try so hard to  provide everything needed to make the world easy for her, He sent her to school, desolated his family all because of the girl, He even tried keeping her virginity. 

But the girl being an ingrate was busy cheating on the guy, lying she was a virgin after all the sacrifices made by the guy in order to ensure she has a comfortable life. 

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In the long-run of the young man’s life, he ended up loosing the bride he has been adorning to a rich folk out there. The guy fell ill,  get worried but headed on ,and eventually broke-even became very rich and finds it very difficult to go into any other lady.. 

Read the pathetic story below he wrote below :

“Pardon any typos, incorrect grammars and all, I’m lobotomized as I write.

I was brought up from a Godly home. I couldn’t hurt a fly. I lost my dad in 2013 and my mom wasn’t financially capable to fend for me and my siblings. Everyone in the family abandoned us, from my dad’s siblings to his cousins, including those he helped when he was alive.

I began to struggle in school due to insufficient funding. I was very intelligent, the best in my class but I had to drop out because I couldn’t cope anymore, I couldn’t read and understand with an empty stomach.

When I dropped out I met this cute girl on an old chatting site (name witheld, clue: a South African owner dating site) and we got talking and we started dating in few weeks. I loved her so much that I could slap my mom to be with her. 

Hmm,  hope you’re following:

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One day she asked me to send her airtime lol me that was jobless and broke, so she told me how can I be broke and claim I have a girl friend. This inspired me and I started doing business same month and the first transaction I made 5k ( jeeeez 5k was like a million dollars to me then) and then some days after I made 20k in one day NOTE: IT WAS LEGIT NO FRAUD WHATSOEVER. I started growing financially and my girlfriend was very proud of me and vowed she will be with me for ever.

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I started supporting my mom and siblings once in a while and then I entrolled in a university and single handedly paid my school fees and everything. I was sending my girlfriend about 10-20k every week for upkeep. I paid her hostel school fees from year 1 till year 4, she attended a private University so the fees was expensive but I did it for love. because of her I stopped taking care of my family, I abandoned them because she encourage me to do so indirectly. My mom cried bitterly several times and would tell me I am dating a witch but I’ll yell at her and quarrel with my mom.

I tried to have sex with her severally but she told me she was a virgin and she will not have sex till she’s married, wow this made me more in love with her so she used that as a weapon to keep me. I never cheated on her and I promised to marry her as a matter of fact I engage her.

Fast forward to 2016 we lodged in a Hotel just to chill and in the mid night my spirit said I should check her fone and read her whatsapp messages. Oh goddamn what I saw almost made me run mad. She was cheating on me with a guy that is richer than me. Dey even had sex damn I felt like killing her but I kept my cool and when she woke up I told her and we broke up for good. But damn I had spent millions on this bi*ch but I let her go.

I was traumatized, I felt like killing myself but what kept me alive was same year I had a contract with some west African countries and millions of Naira was coming in. Funnily enough same time we broke up I made couple millions from the contract and became a baller. I couldn’t stay at home because I wasn’t mentally fit due to what happened so I had to lodge in a Hotel and I spent heavily carrying different Girls, I could have sex with 4 Girls in a day, I started drinking and doing all sorts of things Although I was making more money from my contracts… I lodged in the hotel for up to 1 year without any investment, I did so just to keep myself busy and not do something stupid like taking my life. The contract crushed and money gone….

I was left with nothing and with shame I went back home and my mom and siblings embraced me and welcomed me back home and I narated all that happened. And the government changed the system of everything, I tried and tried but couldn’t do anything to generate money from the west Africa countries. My mom started taking care of me.

I met one of the guys I helped when I was financially buoyant. Good news he had made money online and I asked him how he did it and he taught me all and I started and become a boss but this time with wisdom of Solomon. I have given my life to Christ, I now take care of my mom and siblings and God and been with me..

Now I am financially OK but I can never love again, I hate Girls. I wonder if I’ll ever get married. I just dispise Girls. And for the first time I have not had sex for months.

I tried as much as possible to cut the story short. I can never love again sha… God did it and I am now bigger than my ex gf’s bf, wiser and living my dreams. Glory be to God.

Push this to the front page let them know why we young rich niggas remain single even with all the cash”.

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