Opinion: Should Sex be The Goal of A Relationship?


I love you?  A very sweet word millions of people loves to hear, as sweet as it is, it has buy dignity and value from people unknowingly.

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Sex in Relationship, it’s a good thing ordained by God,  and necessary for continuity of generation, very essential in marriage. Dating can be classified as a firing process where a lifetime relationship is being prepared for.

A girl who narrated her story about encounter with guys to me, Said ‘Men dates multiple girls inorder to satisfy their sexual desires whenever it comes up’.

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Have heard many people say,  sex or nothing in a relationship,.. Well I stand to disagree, relationship is meant to build you and not turn you to a sex machine, its wanes the value of a relationship.

Number of people are of the opinion that sex makes the relationship firm, in sense that the two have better knowledge of themselves. But mind you,  I’m not saying its bad to have sex in between your relationship it’s good but shouldn’t be the basis for you dating anyone.

Let value be your priority in any relationship you find yourself, ask yourself what you stand to gain, apart from sexual pleasure of 5mins or 1hour max… And look out for lifetime friend, and achievements through that person, not just that guy or girl who is very active in bed, or that girl with all the curves in this world.

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