Opinions: My Boss wants me to Sleep with her or I loose my Job… (Read Story)


I am 23, a graduate of political Science University of Ibadan, and also I’m the bread winner of the family…
I was employed by a woman, who is old enough to be my mother, and all has been going on rightly between us, before she started having feelings for me.

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What led to this?  I use to confide in her and she in me, due to the fact that she’s my boss I trust her with any information, same thing with her not knowing I am already going far. To the extent she also brings in her family matter and ask for my truest opinion.

All of a sudden one day she called me and handed me a bag containing clothes and shoes, saying she wouldn’t like me to be dressing anyhow. I collected the gift and thanked her a lot… Without any feelings attached. She kept on buying things for me, without making known her intentions, though touches me sometimes at my delicate parts. Still in the dark.

One day, she called me into her office, shared what she’s going through in her home with me, I tend to advice her but she kept her eyes to close to me,  never mind but kept talking. In fact, I begged her to stick with her husband.
She kept looking straight into my eyes without uttering a statement, I felt so weak with that strange look, wanted to excuse myself, but she insisted I sit down… She said in a low tone, ‘I love you And I will like to have you beside me always ‘ OK ma, I replied.

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She moved closer to me and held my belt. I hit her hand and ran out immediately.

However, she’s been good but I don’t want to lay with her. The next day she handed me a letter through the secretary, which gave me and option which is ‘Me, or Your Job’. She’s a very vital part of my survival, she pays me higher salary, even helped me and my parents in getting accommodation….

Pls guys I’m seeking your Opinion, pls advice me.. 

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