This economy has dealt so much with almost everyone when it comes to economising, especially in this situation where almost everything is undoubtedly doubled the price of what we usually buy before.

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*Pls note this is not applicable to everyone, based on cost of Living and price of commodity. But you can actually borrow few ideas. Seriously it’s better to cook than waste your money in Mamapoot

Imagine! N7,000 bag of Rice is now been sold for about N15k, Garri too is hyked. It now seem Assive we have no choice but to survive and we also have to minimize our spendings as well, in order to have savings at the end of the month.

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This question “what soup can one cook with 500naira” was thrown in a Nairaland forum and serious answers were given, eventhough silly answers were inevitable, we were still able to pick the reasonable ones.

Can N500 actually cook anything these days? I was shocked to see answers. Like I mentioned earlier not for everyone, but students needs this, you understand better lol.. You cook a soup that will last for good 3days..hmm

The List of Soup That Can be Prepared With N500 only…

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1. Egusi soup
Egusi 80 naira
dry pepper 10 naira
fish 100 naira
snail 150
veg… 20 naira
beaf 120
I think i can manage 450 naira mind you it will serve us for 3 days

2. Efo riro:

Vegetable: 120 Naira
Ponmo: 100 Naira
Dried fish: 100 Naira
Iru(Locust beans): 30 Naira.
Pepper: 60 Naira
Fufu: 3 for 50 Naira.
You should have palm oil, Maggie and salt at home na.
Just borrow your hostel mate’s hot-plate and cook.

Keep the remaining 40Naira to buy another fufu the next day grin cheesy

3. One can make a pot of ‘Delicious’ okro soup with half that amount.

Red oil-#50,
Smoked fish-#100,


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