Suicide : Man Jumps to Death, from A 5th Floor in UCH ibadan


A young man was reported to have jumped from a 5th floor to the ground In a suicide attempt which led to his death at about 9:00am on Wednesday Morning.

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In an apparent suicide attempt, the man removed his pairs of leather slippers, climbed to the roof and moved to the ledge before he took a plunge to the ground, killed himself in the process.

“It is so unfortunate. This is a hospital where people come to for medical treatment. It is so unfortunate that somebody has decided to come and commit suicide here. At about 9:00 am, I received a call that a somebody jumped off from our fifth floor. We don’t know what he was doing there because there is no ward on the fifth floor.

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Patients are not expected to be there because the fifth floor houses our museum. The fifth floor is under lock and key because of the ongoing JOHESU Strike,” he told channels TV reporters 
Mr Bobade Public Relations officer UCH said further that the hospital did not know the man’s identity yet and the police had been invited to examine the dead body with a view to identify who he is.
The body of the unidentified man was seen in a pool of blood,  with his head smashed on the concrete floor of the hospital. 
Sympathisers were also seen muddled around the scene which was directly opposite UCH morgue. The body of the deceased has since been deposited at the morgue.

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