Russia 2018 Commences Today 14th of June 2018; Russia Vs Saudi Arabia


It all started like an Ordinary show now a global phenomenon, that has become nations pride, President gives millions to motivate their team to come home with Gold Trophy.  It inaugural edition was won by Uruguay in 1932, followed by the likes of Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy and the rest.

FIFA World Cup has been a source of harmony amongst nations, it’s one competition that has dealt so much with Racism and improved bilateral relationships between nations, so also has contributed immensely to world’s economy.

Winning the world is an optimum goal of every footballer that’s why a Pele would still be challenging Messi and Ronaldo, because this, none of them have been able to achieve. And the fact that the Event happens ones in 4years, made it a more to attain dream of soccer player, team and country.

$400 million is to be shared amongst participants of this year’s World Cup in Russia, both winners and losers have a share but cut is based on performances, however the minimum amount is $1.5m.

Ceremony commences tonight while the Opening


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