Liverpool give major set back over Coutinho transfer deal


Liverpool will receive and additional £89 million for any player Barcelona sign from the club as part of the Philippe Coutinho deal.

It was not all bad though as Liverpool received a hefty sum from the Catalan giants. However, in recent news it was revealed that Michael Edwards had another little trick up his sleeve. According to The Telegraph,

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Anfield sporting director Michael Edwards insisted on a €100 million (£89m) premium on top of any transfer fee if Barcelona try to lure any more Liverpool players in the next few years
This is great news for Liverpool Football Club and their fans. No longer, or at least not for two full years will Barcelona be able to pillage our club of its best players. Especially with the rumors lurking of Barcelona watching Roberto Firmino, this move makes Michael Edwards look like a genius.

It is something that we honestly should have done as a club a long time ago, we just did not have the power. That has changed now. LFC has buying power, world-class talent, and they are not going to be messed upon no more by larger clubs.

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A 100 million Euro premium is almost too much for any club to think about purchasing a player, and this will make the Spanish team look around for other more affordable options. If you consider how much Firmino would cost them, it would now have to be around the 200 million Euro range with the added fee.

Overall, it is another job well done from our sporting director, and what a year he has had. Edwards has been crucial in multiple key signings with the likes of: Mo Salah, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Virgil van Dijk, Xherdan Shaqiri, Naby Keita, Fabinho, and our keeper Alisson Becker.

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That list of players is sensational, and is really unmatched in all of the world, given that amount of time he has had to bring those players in. Edwards is an imperative part to the success of Liverpool and he is proving it, day in and day out.


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