Relationship Talk: My worst relationship Was Being in Love Without A Job – Twitter User


A twitter User said his Worst relationship was when He was in Love without a job always being broke and He just had to lie for everything. this answer came as a result of Cool FMs tweet which asked 

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But sincerely being broke as a guy is not a good thing at all, especially in relationship, where we have different type of ladies, some are considerate while some can be frustrating with demands that can cause a guy to steal if not careful. That’s why i would always advice guys to look before they leap and as well measure or price before you buy.

If you don’t have and you know she can be demanding, please stay far and double your hustle, Ladies would always come especially when you’ve been able to stand alone i mean financially free.

You don’t need to start cooking lies, lies is one of the attributes of lack of Money, It causes infidelity in marriage. Be sure of whom you walk with, don’t bother pricing if you can’t buy. If your salary is not enough and you date her, you know she loves domino Pizza, Cold Stone, She uses expensive Perfumes cosmetics, My brother you’re in for a doom of your life.

Well,  some would say Understanding Yeah! you need to understand your pocket as well before you undestand, I mean you can keep giving excuses everyday, who does that.

Note: As a guy, you must have something you’re doing, able to feed your mouth and 3 others. then you’re fit for a relationship.

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