Rapper Cardi B Invited To Speak At Democratic Reception During Iowa Tour Stop


Rapper Cardi B’s Instagram rant about the government shutdown occurring under the Trump administration did a lot more than just go viral. The honest response to the dire situation at the time landed the Billboard chart-topping rapper a coveted invitation to speak in front of members of Iowa’s Democratic Party.

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Iowa, which is known as a political hotspot, will be one of the stop’s Cardi’s upcoming tour. On May 3, she will perform at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, and if the state’s Democratic party has their way, she’ll stay to attend a reception.

The Polk County Democrats tweeted that “it only makes sense to invite [Cardi B] to a reception of her choice while she’s here in May.”

“Stranger things have happened,” Sean Bagniewski, the Polk County Democrats chair told the Des Moines Register. “She speaks to the new activism in the Democratic Party … It’s a long shot, but a little bit of her presence would go a long way.”

Other attendees confirmed to attend the event are House of Representative’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi and 2020 United States Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Additionally, the “Money” rapper was mentioned in a petition started by late-night show host Stephen Colbert to deliver a rebuttal to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

Typically, after a president delivers the address, an appointed representative of the opposing party delivers a rebuttal. While Stacey Abrams was chosen to deliver the official rebuttal for the Democrats, Colbert wants Cardi to deliver her own address on behalf of the people.

(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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