Read this and Quit: Why Quitting is not a Sign of Weakness


Quitting here is not all about reaching your goals or winning a competition. Mind you, there’s no harm in trying, but when you find out it’s not working, you don’t try to force it. For instance, would a girl force a guy to love him? or invest in a business without profit and keep saying “winners don’t quit”? Wise up brother/Sister! If it’s not yielding use another route, try another way or probably switch totally.

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Often times have come in contact with people who eat these words, “I’m bored, tired of this relationship, This job is killing me, but I just can’t quit!”. Wow! Why? I Can’t just define the connection. There is a connection that is needed to be broken, and that is the limitation that has been placed on our minds.

“I quit!”. You need to say this line of words sometimes, if not always, especially to those things that are bugging and limiting you, these things can be friends, work, or even your boss at work.

Quitting doesn’t really mean you’re weak but shows you have power over the decisions you make,  – Afolabi Mofolorunsho

Many a times, We don’t want to take this decision due to fear of rejection, , deserting, hates, malice. But seriously I would like to let you know that great height requires great decisions. You can’t afford to be limited by 3 square meals or even a place of shelter, or the so called love.

You need to quit those things that has become God in your life, that has blocked your sight and hinders you from seeing what’s ahead of you. It’s true quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit but not in a case of living in dilution and uncertainty.

“winners Quit fast, Quit Often, and Quit without Guilt” – Seth Godin

Brace up Gentle man, and do not slack Lady, if you quit that job, i bet you would still survive, neither if you leave that marriage that is not adding value to you, will hell come down. it’s inevitable you would encounter some difficulties on the verge of this, but trust me it won’t last-long.

So many individuals, and marriages have stocked up their lives minding what people would say, or feel about them, and therefore leaving in pain and agony, shedding tears within themselves and dying bit by bit. Perhaps you don’t know people’s opinion or feelings about you to an extent doesn’t count on your life but what God says about you it’s all that matters. What comes out of you is what people would celebrate. You need to quit feeling depressed and Take up the armour of confidence.

You need to quit that Addiction that has almost sucked the life out of you. Is it drug abuse, masturbation, kleptomania or lack of self control. It’s definitely not a joke, I’m not perfect, but I believe in the power of consistency and evaluation

How do I Quit?

1. You need to first believe it is possible to Quit: and that boils down to changing your mindset, the first change that happens to any man is the change of mindset. If these can take place every other things follow: the mind is so much powerful that it controls the both the present and future of a man’s life even to his grave. Where we are, what we do or own, are as a result of our level of thinking.

2. Talk to people: A closed mouth equals a closed destiny, if you don’t share it, we can’t know it and probably we can’t also help it. Don’t die in silence. Be careful while trying to seek advice or talking to someone. Don’t shut people out, speak out and hear others’ opinion and experience over same issue you’re going through, you never can tell someone else might have gone through the same and was able to get out of it.

3. Talk to God: this is the only Confidence we have as humans, it’s the truest and surest source of any human being. Yes, if man falters, God is a supreme in which we believe doesn’t fail in his promises. Why not just confide in him

4. Be intentional and Determined to QUIT: it’s not enough to seek advice, pray to God or even chant the words. We need to be deliberate about quitting and growing in life. This isn’t for anyone but you. Many words won’t erect a building but an action would stand many mansions. Stop procrastinating your decisions. “Just Do It” like Nike

5. Change your Circle: You can’t quit drug abuse and still maintains the circle, you don’t continue a relationship with your ex while in marriage. When it’s not for you, don’t hold on to it. Let go.

Thanks so much for your time, Would like to have your Opinion and additions in the comment section below..

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Editor: Ayoaye Gbemisola


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