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In recent years, we have seen a spike in the number of people with enhanced looks in Nigeria thanks to surgery. We have also seen a rise in the number of plastic surgery clinics in the country. In my opinion, plastic surgery is not a bad idea; but is our dear country about to become a safe haven for quack plastic surgeons?

As much as we are happy for the people who are not only rich but brave enough to enhance their body parts, we are scared of the consequences of undergoing such surgeries in Nigeria.

Not to throw shade or anything, but a country that barely pays attention to pressing medical situations like childbirth will definitely not pay attention to something as “trivial” as a plastic surgery gone wrong.

 This a huge cause for alarm. So here are a few reasons why Nigeria is becoming a safe haven for quack surgeons.

Little or No Regulation
What do we know about the doctors performing these surgeries? Have they been registered anywhere? If something goes wrong who do we hold responsible? I am afraid we are gradually sliding to where Mexico is in terms of knock-off surgeries that in most cases go wrong.

 This is not my prayer for anybody, but, trust me, the lawlessness in this country is alarming. Don’t get me wrong, we have regulatory bodies set up, but how efficient are they? These officials in most cases are only after their pockets.

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It is the hard truth, and in your best interest to believe it.
The doctors who are currently practising may be highly skilled and know their onions, but what is the guarantee that quacks won’t take advantage of the lapse in the integrity of many of our regulatory bodies to open up shop and harm people? If you doubt me, go around your area and see the number of quack clinics thriving around you.

Also, we know how businesses can be; once they know they are no longer being supervised, they lower their standards.

Shame Culture
We like to form that we are woke, but we are one of the most judgemental people in the world. You may want to ask how this relates to the topic we are discussing, now let me break it down to you. The reason most people don’t tell you they have upgraded their body parts is that you not only judge them, but you go as far as bringing God into it.

Toke Makinwa and Tonto Dike are about the only people I know who accepted they’ve had any work done.

These quacks know that people hardly ever discuss their surgeries with others in order not to get shamed; instead, they pour water on themselves and climb on the treadmill or post pictures of yuck green smoothies to tell you they have been living the fit life. As a result of this, they know they can do whatever they like and get away with it.

 I read somewhere recently that a young woman lost her life to a botched plastic surgery, but the family covered it up and said she died of an undisclosed illness. This is a problem right there, and it is to the doctor’s advantage. Our shame culture a fertile ground for quacks to thrive.

Yes, poverty. Most people are rich enough for plastic surgery, but not rich enough for good plastic surgery. Do you get where I am headed? So quacks can come with promises of doing a good job at half the price, and because we love a good bargain, we present ourselves to them to do to us according to their will. It is not exclusive to Nigeria.

 If you watch Botched or other reality shows focused on helping people with bad surgeries, you will understand where I am coming from. Imagine what quacks do to people abroad, now picture our dear country.

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This poverty cuts across the board. It will have the people who are supposed to protect you taking money from an unqualified doctor and throwing you under a bus if something goes wrong.

I am talking about lawyers, the police and other government officials. Poverty will even have those in the licensing office giving out licenses without due diligence; all you need to do is to line their pockets and your clinic is up and running.

Nigeria has all it takes to successfully run quack plastic surgery clinics. The only missing factor was clients, and that is now available – as many Nigerians, especially women, are more open to going under the knife to achieve ‘perfection.’

As much as we welcome this recent development, as it adds to the overall growth of our economy, we must be careful of the bad eggs who would take advantage of the weak in our country to perpetuate evil. If you do a surgery, please own it, and if something goes wrong don’t be ashamed of calling the doctor out.

 It might be too late for you, but you will be helping another person. Your case might be an ass that wasn’t fixed properly, which, in my opinion, is manageable; but if you keep quiet, they can go as far as injecting cement on another person’s face and call it fillers. Yes, I have seen it on Botched.

We must be careful not to make our dear country home for quacks who have nothing but disaster to offer.

Credit: bellanaija


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