Sunday is approaching, or probably a midweek service and you’re supposed to lead a song,  but blank after going through all the stress at work place. 


I understand You don’t want God’s to be done any how, you needed to prepare for your praises in order to encourage others in your shoe to praise God even after that stressful week..hmm I know how hard it is most times.. 
Why not go too far,  let’s start with this few ones below… You can probably suggest to us if perhaps you have one via the comments Box below. 

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Lord, you are so good

lord you are kind,
lord you are wonderful, my God you are excellent, excellent is your name, excellent is your power, lord you are wonderful, My God you are excellent.

I will lift up my voice

All glory, all honor, all power, belongs to God(2x)

I’ll joyfully sing
Not for what you have done for me
But for whom you are
You are the reason I sing
Melody in my heart
You are the song that I sing
I’ll praise you lord
He reigns (3ce) forevermore

Jehovah reign

Jehovah reign

He reign (2x
You are lifted up
Above other God

Hallelujah No Go Finish – Freke Umoh

Hallelujah no go finish for my mouth oh
Your goodness and mercy dey follow for my life oh oh
Praise the Lord cannot vanish for my tongue oh
Hallelujah no go finish
E no go finish for my mouth
Verse 1
My papa no go tire to dey bless me oh oh
So me I go tranga to dey thank am eh eh
Na the love we you give that am using to love you oh
It’s the joy that I have that I’m using to praise your name
For your goodness (E no dey finish)
Your mercies (E no go finish)
Divine favor (E no go finish)
And your love (E no go finish for my life)
How about salvation (E dey)
Forgiveness (E dey)
Faithfulness (E dey)
And your presence (In your presence)
Verse 2
Jehovah no dey tire for my matter eh
And me I no go tire to dey praise am eh
Na the life wey you give I will use it to praise you oh
The joy that I have I will use it to praise your name

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Onaga – Tim Godfrey
Everything is working for my sake
Eeh for my sake
Chains are breaking for my sake
Eeh for my sake
Mountains are moving for my sake
Eeh for my sake
Walls are falling for my sake
Eeh for my sake
Everything is working for my sake
Eeh for my sake

Children of God


Children of God




Children of God


Onaga,( resp) Onaga
Is it working, It’s working

I believe

I know he rescued my soul
He’s blood has covered my sin
I believe (2ce
My shame is taken away
And my pain is healed in his name
I believe (2ce
I raise the banner, my God has conquered the grave,

My redeemer lives… till fade

One thing we ask of you
One thing that we deserve
That as we worship you
Lord come and change our livesWhen You see me dance
I dance Like A winner Man o

Oya Dance like a winner man
(I dance like a winner man)

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Arise, (5x

Take your place
Be enthroned
All our praise, arise.(Paul Baloche)

We go they hail,

Hail your name , day by day
All the way, all the way

When the spirit of the lord

is upon my soul,
I, I, I komole

Tambira Jehovah

Come let’s s dance to the lord
Iyele lele iye lele 2xTambira Jehovah

Jesus your love is great 2ce your love is great in my life (midnight crew)

KabiosiBaba, ireni onise iyanu dansaki re we praise you lord you are worthy to be praise

Oba tojoba lo 2x your Excellency kabiesi o
He’s the king of kings, He’s the lord of lords oh the lilly of the valley, acient of days, i am that i am oh, bright in morning star baba, you are worthy to be praise o ,you are worthy to be praised,
Kabiesi, oba gbogbo aye, Kabiesi baba ese gan.(Monique)

Hail my Jesus

Ebube 3x dike

Shout hallelujah to the lord
hallelujah to the lord
Who has the final say say?
Jehovah has the final say
There’s no one like Jesus 
There’s no one, there’s no one like Jesus, there’s no one, there’s no one like him 2ce
because, I waka, waka, (resp)no one
i search and search
I look everywhere no one no one
there’s no one there’s no one like him.

You are worthy of our praise, 2ce

(invisible God, you’re the miracle worker, you’re worthy oh lord)2x

The lord reigns 2ce

let the earth rejoice 3ce
let the people be glad
the lord God reign

Oh lord I’m ready to sing your praise by Mike Abdul

O Lord I am Ready to sing your praise
I no go wait until You do me Something
O Lord I am Ready to sing your praise
 Ready to sing your praise 
Ese O Jesus
O ya Begin to Thank God…
O O O Oluwa Modupe (4)
Ese O Jesu


We go dey hail 
Hail ur name 
Day by day 
All the way, all the way

You are God

You are God,  You are not just big o
You are not Just large o
You are a great God.. 
You are big, big, big
large, large, large
Great, great, great 
You are a great God .

Morire, Morire gba 
Osemilore, Morrie gba 

Oh my God,  thank you for today, 
Thank you for this day
Thank you for your grace, 
Obeke bekiti oba alanu 
Asiwaju ohun gbogbo eyin ni tan candle 
See my life o, 
Lord I’m grateful, my testimony 
By your grace Lord, 
Ogbeninija kerukobonija o 
Olorun mi
My comforter o eh eh

Morire morire, morire gba o



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