She’s Appeared Nice But Her Attitude Stinks | Conflict Between Dreams and Attitude


 Conflict Between Life and Attitude

First impression goes a long way in relationship and in other aspect of life. She seems to be nice and caring, always calling and was very good cook, but she’s got something very appalling and that is her character.

Character blinds and unfolds people to blessings, it’s what they see before your certificate or honors, it’s a flame that can’t be hidden for long or else it chokes. As a matter of fact it raises and drops people depending on which of it you possess.

Good character or bad is not gender based but a mindset. People grow with it, while some develop it along the line of life. 

How do we discover a Bad Character.

One things is to have and another thing is to know if its bad or not

We need to watch/observe when two or more people corrects or a particular thing. You do a self check through the day, especially for people with anger issue. 

We solve this by changing our mindset, know that people are different and everyone can’t act the way you want. 

So you relate with people based on their dos and don’t so you won’t have issues with them and they won’t clash with you.

You engage yourself in meaningful activities to avoid unnecessary idleness. 

Try to give space when you discover something is gonna get you pissed off or irritated. Or probably would make you exhibit that bad character.

Always stand to be corrected, drop your ego and always listen to others
Seek the help of a counsellor 

Above pray to God for a divine change you never can tell it might be a tool of the enemy to hinder your growth .


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