President Trump’s Campaign Asks Supporters For Money After Mueller Report


America’s President, Donald J. Trump is Seeking cash in on the Mueller Report … because he’s asking his supporters to help fund his re-election campaign and send a HUGE message to his haters.

 Trump’s campaign sent an email Thursday to subscribers, hours after the Prez declared victory and total vindication over the Mueller Report, asking them to help raise a million Dollars in 24 hours.

 Trump’s campaign is taking tons of swipes at the Democrats and “Fake News” media … asking how many times must he be exonerated before the attacks stop.

We’re guessing Trump’s campaign staffers didn’t read the Mueller Report, because Mueller said he could not exonerate the Prez.

 POTUS declared “Game Over” mome
nts after Attorney General William Barr held a news conference saying Mueller found nothing on Trump …

but his campaign says this is just the beginning of the “attacks and lies” as the 2020 election nears.

One message is absolutely clear … Trump’s campaign wants your money!!!


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