A mum gave birth in the car in the presence of her kids as they journeyed to the hospital. Her children’s reaction to witnessing the birth of their younger sibling is quite interesting to watch. The woman was riding shotgun while her husband drove her and their kids to the hospital. In the back seat were their three kids, two girls and a boy, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby. But the baby couldn’t wait to get to the hospital and made an entrance while they were in the car. As the mother cried out in agony while pushing, her kids also cried in confusion. The baby girl eventually arrived in the car and the father had to drive faster to get them to the hospital. Watch the childbirth videos below. Baby arrives in a car while parents were on their way to the hospital.The reaction from her brother and sisters before she arrived would leave you laughing and teary at the same time. pic.twitter.com/uYc3fJwMkV— Demola Lawal (@TheLatchenko) 26 May 2019 God is wonderful. How he does his miracle is unexplainable.Vid 2 pic.twitter.com/gcO7GEX7F8— Demola Lawal (@TheLatchenko) 26 May 2019The post Wonderful moment mum gives birth in car in the presence of her crying children (videos) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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