Man calls for total abolishment of ‘Oriokpa’ masquerades in Nsukka over alleged attacks and killings of innocent people


Ben Ugwuoke, a UNN graduate has called for the total Abolishment of Oriokpa masquerade in Nsukka Local Government area of Enugu State, over alleged attacks on innocent citizens.

 “I shall be leading 1,000 men protest over the total Abolishment of Oriokpa in the entire land of Nsukka Local Government of Enugu State.

The government must ban this madness in the name of culture, and never again to be allowed to return back to any part of our lands. Alot of people were robbed, killed and injured as result of attacks by these masqueraded hoodlums called “Oriokpa”.

This will be their last appearance, as they go now, they will never return. Serious actions should be taken this time. Meanwhile, the date of our heavy protest shall be announced as soon as we get permission from the police.

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