Immorality takes The Baton – Afolabi Folorunsho


I remember days when the young ones have respect for the elderly ones, even in my own 15 – 18. There was still a level of morality in the society. But today it’s a different story, perspective and orientation.

And I think I know why, of course back then it’s only those that are of age that are privileged to some things such as owning properties, cars, money etc… It defers today… 18years owns everything all together. And employs a man of 50years old, He’s already controlling the same thing an adult can control.

There’s Shift from Morality to Material idolization, now Respect is not earned by how old anymore, but how much you have acquired in cash and bank, landed properties etc. Nobody cares your age anymore.

Selfish Interest, all over the place, no one cares what happens to the others as far as His/her needs are been met. Even so called men of God compromises their stand to enrich their purses. No good message is been passed anymore but a profitable message

Houses of God are now business seminars, where people learn how to make money and not change from their evil ways, back then when people leaves the church, many of them feel remorseful because of the truth that has been passed across. Now instead of the word of knowledge and light. It is how to become a Bill Gate, and Aliko Dangote.

Immortality has taken the Baton, things are right, morality and now stupid things, they look obsolete and absurd, immoral dressings, BBNaija becomes the order of the day, Corruption wins in the corrupt Court being headed by Corrupt Justice, so the Court is wounded and needs healing.

This is not just Nigeria, but the world at large. If you’re lucky to have parent who still hold on to the right values cherish them, heartbreak, sex outside marriage, have become normal while abnormalities are normal things these days  in fact if you don’t engage in any you are abnormal.

There were days when virginity is been celebrated, it’s like one who won an Olympic medal, not today, it’s sounds like a stigma, sounds absurd that an 18years old girl is a Virgin.

Imorality has taken the Baton, will he gets to the Finish line, I would bring him down if I have a gun, what should be said of the generations to come. When ours is in this bizarre.


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