The presiding pastor of the Believers Love world (aka Christ Embassy) gave his vivid opinion about feminism in marriage and discourage the concept of equality in marriage.

This was part of his sermon, which caught the attention of twitter users, where many applauded him while some were really bittered as to his stand which was misogynistic and patriarchal.

According to Pastor Chris, Women shouldn’t or wives shouldn’t in anyway be equal to their husband, because it’s been established that men are the head and anything other than the head is conflict, He also said a man can’t afford to have a second mother, “

The reason why most women fail in marriage is because they think of a man like he is a fellow woman” -pastor Chris

The Man of God also said, a man only love those who are not up to him, and fight those who are equal to him, “Husband does not mean a male partner but means master”

The word master stirred up anger in most twitter users both male and female all throwing backlashes at the man of God, giving dictionary and lot of motivational meaning and explanation.

To me I think,  and I stand to be corrected, Marriage is ordained by God, and it’s for procreation, and in this process there’s a constituted authority, in which as been chosen by God himself, and it’s also established in the word, even in the Quran, and most culture, women are to love and respect their husbands likewise the husband too. But no women should in anyway fight for equality in marriage… It’s not a thing of force but nature.

Submission is not weakness but maturity and love, I have no different opinion as to what the pastor said. But no woman is a slave, likewise a man is not a slave master. We are all part of one body.


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