Divorce rate in marriages today calls for a great check and a gross look into this incessant issue which is caused mostly by infidelity. Many have ruin their marriage because of an uncontrollable sexual urge.

What happens to a house where husband only comes home on weekends, wife gets tired all night due to work. where do we strike the balance? How does she cope?

Should I date outside marriage, have girl friends and still be cool with my marriage?

Does it really makes sense. Have seen family’s that knows about their partners external affairs and are cool with it. What then do we call that since consent is involve not infidelity. But I strongly believe for the woman to have agreed she’s definitely having some cockroach in her cupboard.

Having an agreement to have a partner that fills in is dangerous, and does break a home. We deal with emotions which changes easily, and turns to whomever gives it attention the most.

This is nothing different from giving a child to another mother to breastfeed. There’s a connection being passed from her to the child even though she’s not the real mother and that can tell later in future.

Sex in my own view should be sacred i stand to corrected. I have heard number of people say lots of times that sex is a compensation for show of love.  Sexual intercourse is to be shared by two parties and not more…

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