The most controversial and most hated BBNaija Housemate, Tacha has been evicted from the show because she went physical with Mercy a fellow housemate.

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Below are some of the things to learn from her disqualification.

1. Overconfidence is very bad: Yes Tacha is very confident, which is not a bad virtue but she made it become pride.
2. You don’t Say Everything: Try to control your mouth, you have clout and followers doesn’t mean you are a demigod. Knowing when to talk and not talk is very important to growth in life.
3. Make friends with people around you, no man is an island. Yeah everyone cannot be your enemy, try as Much as possible to have more friends than enemy.
4. Body Hygiene is very key as a lady and as a guy, especially lady try to cultivate the habit of using sprays… Smelling good is a business… Very lucrative.
5. Stay Humble at all cost: Respect all and be polite at Response and opinions.

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