Black Friday was day a after Christmas Thanksgiving in the US.

This day was called a black Friday by the police because of the large turn out of shoppers which usually turns out disastrous.

Journalists use it to describe Stock market crash. The then retailers coined the sales slash out from the stock market crash.

Black Friday started in Nigeria in 2013. It came with the advent of e-commerce platforms Such as JUMIA, Konga etc. The idea of this huge discount sales day was started by JUMIA followed by Konga Yakata and all other platforms.

The aim of this amazing day is to sell to shoppers at huge discount rate, enable lots of people buy and make sales boom.  It’s a great day for both the consumer and the retailers as they also make huge sales.

Presently, it seems things has changed greatly.

The slashed prices aren’t still looking like a discount. it seems the normal price is hyped while the discount is being added. there’s still no big difference between the discounted price and the actual price which is discouraging to many people.

However, Having such an initiative in this country at the moment isn’t really helpful for a business. As the atmosphere is really toxic for business owners. Holding a black Friday is really a huge risk on the side of the seller considering the Nigerian economy.

Though There are still massive unbelievable discounted prices on JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY check ’em out here.


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